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I like to separate my grades into two categories. The first category is for assignments that have a right or wrong answer. This category includes:

  • When you have to watch a video or read an article and answer questions about it

  • When you are asked to define and use vocabulary words

  • When you are asked to demonstrate how to do something on the computer such as sending an email or saving a document

  • Quizzes or tests

When you are assigned these tasks I will tell you how many points each answer is worth, and how many points you will need to earn for a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.


The second category is for projects and creative processes. For these there is not a right or wrong answer. You will be graded on using class time wisely, engaging in the project, and persevering in problem solving. Each project will have a rubric that I will go through with you before it begins so that expectations are clear.


Late Work & Corrections


If you accidentally forget to complete an assignment on time, you will still have the opportunity to turn it in late and earn some points back. The highest grade a late assignment can earn is a 4. If you turn something in late you need to email me so that I know to go back and grade it. You are responsible for keeping track of missing assignments on Skyward.

If you did not do very well the first time you turned in an assignment, you will always have the option to redo it to improve your grade. The highest grade you can earn on a redo assignment is a 4. If you make corrections or redo an assignment you need to email me so that I know to go back and regrade it.

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