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7th Grade

Units & Projects


Welcome to Seventh Grade Digital Literacy! This class is only one quarter long, and we have a lot to do. My name is Mrs. Buvala, and I am so excited to work with you.

1. The Internet


We all use the internet everyday, but how many of us really know how they works? Later in quarter we will be creating our own websites, but first I think it is important to understand what makes are the websites we use possible. In this unit we will go through a brief history of the internet as well as look at the possibilities for the future. 


2. HTML and Weebly Website Project.


HTML is one of the three basic coding languages used to create websites. Creating websites can be fun and challenging. It is also a great skill to have in modern society. We will learn some HTML basics and practice using this coding language. However, there are many tools available today that allow you to create a website without needing to know a coding language. We will be using to create our own website.


3. Photoshop

For this project you will learn to edit images using Adobe Photoshop. You will then complete 5 different Photoshop Challenges.


4. Micro:bit

Microbit is a small computer developed my Microsoft. They can connect to your iPad via bluetooth. We will be using the Micro:bit app to code them. The micro:bit app uses a combination of block coding and JavaScript. You will create many fun games using just the micro:bit and a few other accessories.

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