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6th Grade

Units and Projects


Welcome to Sixth Grade Digital Literacy! This class is only one quarter long, and we have a lot to do. My name is Mrs. Buvala, and I am so excited to work with you.


1. Laptop Use and Safety


This class is fortunate to have a set laptops for you to use. You will be assigned a laptop number for the quarter. Because most students are more familiar with your iPads, we will begin the quarter with this unit. You will learn how to use tools like Gmail and Google Drive on your laptop. You  will also learn how to save documents, videos, and images to the hard drive, as well as keyboard shortcuts and typing skills.

2. Parts of a Computer


We all use many different types of computers everyday, but how many of us really know how they works? Before I work with you on coding, I want to give you a basic understanding of the parts of a computer, what each part does, and how they work together.  We will be focusing on the processor, hard drive, RAM, motherboard, battery, and fan.


3. Scratch Project


Scratch is website developed by MIT to help young people learn how to code. You will be working on Scratch to create a coding project of your own. You will learn basic coding vocabulary such as command, sequence, bug, and debug. You will also practice coding skills such as using loops and conditional variables in your programs.

4. Micro:bit

Micro:bits are a type of computer developed my Microsoft. In 6th grade, we will be connected the micro:bit to the laptop and code it using Scratch. You will use it to create a controller for the game you created in the Scratch Project.


4. 3D Project.


For this project you will use the Design Process to create a 3D keychain. We will be using Tinkercad to create the design. We then have two 3D printers in the STEM lab that we will use to print the designs.

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