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8th Grade

Units and Projects

Welcome to Eighth Grade Digital Literacy! This class is one semester long, and we have a lot to do. My name is Mrs. Buvala, and I am so excited to work with you.

1. Digital Media Marketing 


In this unit, you will learn about the many ways that companys' and business advertise themselves to you through social media. We will discuss what makes an ad successful. We will also discuss the difference between and ad, sponsorship, and affiliate links. You will then create their own ad for two different social media platforms. For this ad, you will need to consider who you are advertising to, and what you are trying to make those people think or feel.


2. Micro:bit

Micro:bit is a microcontroller developed by Microsoft. It connects the your iPad via bluetooth. You will use the Micro:bit apps on your iPad to create code for the Micro:bit. Throughout this unit, you will create many fun projects and games on the Micro:bit




Arduino is another type of microcontroller that you can program to do many different things. In this class we will work through a few of the projects from the Arduino Projects Book. This unit will involve both coding and building. This unit will definitely be a challenge, so be patient and try to have fun while you are learning something new! 


4. Green Screen Stop Motion Project

This unit will hopefully bring out the creativity in you! For this project you will be creating a Stop Motion video using the Stop Motion Studio App on your iPad. You will write a script and create your characters. You will also learn editing skills on iMovie. At the end we will have a Movie Day where we eat popcorn and watch all the movies!

6. Biomimicry Project

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. Scientists and engineers look to nature and try to replicate it in order to solve many on the problems the encounter. For this project, student will learn a little more about biomimicry and try to create their own solution to a real world problem by looking at nature.


5. Wooden Tower Project


For this project you will design and build a wooden structure. The goal is to create the lightest tower that can support that most weight. At the end of this project we will put your towers to the test. How much weight will yours be able to hold before it breaks?

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