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Passion Project

How do I get started?

    Click through the video above and the presentation below introducing Passion Projects.   Now it's time to determine what you're passionate about.  What makes you happy? sad? angry? What things do you like?  Look through the passion project resources.  Complete the passion project proposal (this can be used instead of your SMART Goal).  

Things to Remember

    1.  Must have a driving question
     (Can't be answered by Google)

    2.  Must involve research

    3.  Must be shared with others


     1) Go through the presentation below introducing                      Passion Projects.  Make sure you watch the two videos. 

     2)  Determine what you're passionate about.  

     3) Complete the Passion Project Proposal   (Make sure to          click File > Make a Copy)

     *Remind Miss Meredith this can be used instead of a                S.M.A.R.T. Goal

     4) Start researching and developing your passion project

Project Ideas

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