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Have you ever wanted to make a website? Website design is simple. If you can make a presentation, than you can make a website. Below are links to find out more ways to use Weebly. 

How do I get started?

Watch the Weebly Introduction to see if Weebly is right for you. Then decide what you want to make your website about.  See Miss Meredith for a username and password to log-in to your new Weebly account. 


     1) Take a look at Project Ideas and Student Examples

     2) Create your SMART Goal

     3) Fill out your website planner and get it approved by Miss Meredith

     4) Watch tutorials and look at help documents

     5) Pick your theme of your website

     6) Organize how you want your pages to look 

     7) Look over tutorials below to see how to import your picture and           video files (Use the list of public domain images so that you'll have           less items to cite on your website)

     8) Create a domain name to publish your site with

Project Ideas

Student Examples

  • Create a site to teach a skill you're learning in a class

  • Create a site about Challenge you did in tech class and how you went through the process

  • Create a site about a new challenge you'd like to have in tech class

  • Create a site about your dream career or college you'd like to attend

  • Create a site about your favorite subject in school

  • Create a site about geography and what it's like to live in the midwest

  • Create a site on cyber safety and how kids should use the internet, iPads, Smartphones etc.

Still can't think of an idea?  Check out this

Tutorials & Tips for Laptops

Public Domain Images

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