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How do I get started?

    Before you get the Sphero, please open the Sphero Planner, make a copy, and share it with me. You will also need to ask for the login information to get started. The Sphero is located in the STEM Lab. Please make sure to put it back on the charger at the end of the period.  To turn on Sphero, hold him in one hand and hit him with your other hand twice. You'll know he's on when he lights up.

    You will need both an iPad and a Laptop to learn how to use Sphero. Open the Sphero Planner on a laptop and follow the directions to download and log into the app on your iPad. Watch the videos on each page, program your Sphero, upload a screen shot of your code, and answer a reflection question for each section.  

    Once you have completed all the tutorial videos. Take one class period to fill out the rest of your Sphero Planner before you start working on the rest of your project.


    1) Read through how to get started and download SpheroEdu        and download the Sphero Planner

    2)  Complete all the tutorials in the Sphero Planner 

    3) Now that you've learned the basics with speed and light            finish filling out the Sphero Planner with what you want to do.

    4) Create your SMART Goal. Your project must be coded and          relate to school

    5) Follow along with the project steps closely

    6) If you need help watch tutorials

Project Ideas

Maze Mayhem
Using construction materials such as cardboard, K'nex, or PVC pipes, design a maze for your Sphero. Use the Lighting Lab app to program Sphero to get through the maze.​​

Hydro-Hypothesis Challenge
Watch out for the H20! Can you design a structure that enables Sphero to carry a load of pennies across the pond?

Chariot Challenge
Learn about chariots as they were used throughout history. Design and create a unique Sphero chariot, then create a program for Sphero to navigate the race course.

Light Painting
This activity is for the artist in you. Use Sphero and a camera's extended exposure setting to create light art.

Bridge Challenge
Build a bridge using classroom materials and then program Sphero to drive across. This challenge can also include researching different types of bridges and incorporating those concepts into the designs.

Programming Challenge
These programming challenges will stretch your mind as you begin learning how to code using the BASIC programming language.

Tutorials & Tips

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