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Stop Motion

How do I get started?

    Take a look at the project ideas and determine what type of project you want to do.  Then you will need to write a planner and storyboard for your stop motion. Your planner and storyboard must be approved before you can take pictures.  Once you've taken your pictures, if you need help with importing photos, please review the tips and tutorials below.  


    1) Take a look at Project Ideas (Project must relate to school)

    2) Create your SMART Goal


    3) Write your Stop Motion Planner and get approved by

    Miss Meredith

    4) Create your Stop Motion Storyboard and get approved by       Miss Meredith 

    6) Start taking your pictures

    7) Look over tutorials below to see how to import your                 pictures and add music

    8) Create a presentation with all your hard work

Project Ideas

  • Create a stop motion about a math concept you're learning about

  • Create a stop motion about migration of people in a social studies unit you're learning

  • Create a stop motion of a science experiment you're doing or want to try


Tutorials & Tips

Stop Motions Apps for iPad

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