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Photoshop Editor

Photoshop is a photo editing software used to combine photos, edit photos, or put customized text over a picture. "We cannot manage a communities attention, attitude, involvement, tone, or culture. We CAN architect spaces and design experiences" (Thomas Knoll, Inventor of Photoshop).

How do I get started?

   Photoshop is a photo-editing program that lets you do near anything with a picture. There is a lot you can do with Photoshop.  You might want to work backwards and start by looking at the examples. Next, watch some tutorials to learn about the program.  I suggest watching these tutorials in order. Do what the tutorials show you as you watch them. Once you have an idea of what Photoshop can do, you'll be able to write a SMART goal. It is also a good idea to save after the end of everyday, or after major changes. 


    1) Take a look at project ideas 

    2) Define what your edit is going to be about, look like

    3) Write your SMART Goal

    4) Create a folder for all the materials (images, videos,               links, text)  you're going to use in your Edit

    5) Watch tutorial videos to see how to use Photoshop 

    6) Start Your project

Photoshop Tutorials & Tips


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