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MaKey MaKey

How do I get started?

     Unsure of where to begin with the MaKey MaKey kit? Check out their great Quick Start Guide to get you up and running. Make sure to follow the directions carefully so your first MaKey MaKey experience isn't frustrating.


    1) Follow along with Quick Start Guide to get Makey Makey       up and running 

    2) Take a look at project ideas

    3) Decide what you're going to create with the Makey Makey

    4) Write your SMART Goal (Make sure it relates to school &         will take around 8 days to complete)

    5) Collect materials and put together your creation

    6) Look over MaKey MaKey Resources to help you 

    7) Create presentation of what you've made

Tutorials & Tips

Student Examples

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