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How do I get started?

    Take a look at the project ideas and determine what type of project you want to do.  Do some research, and remember that your project must relate to school. Once your project idea is approved, you can create a SMART goal. You will need a code from Ms. Meredith before you can begin working in Tinkercad.  


    1) Take a look at Project Ideas (Project must relate to school

    2) Go through the tutorials on the Tinkercad website to               learn how to use it 

    3) Fill out a Tinkercad Planner 

    4) Start designing!

    5) 3D Printing takes time! Make sure you leave enough time       to print your work. 

    6) Create a presentation with all your hard work

Project Ideas

  • Create a 3D model of a plant or body part

  • Create a 3D model of an atom or DNA

  • Create a character or item from your favorite book


Tutorials & Tips

Tinkercad is an easy, browser-based 3D design and modeling tool for all. Tinkercad allows users to imagine anything and then design it in minutes.

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