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Wooden Structures

Do you like working with your hands? Are you interested in engineering?  If you answered yes to these questions then the wood structure challenge might be right for you! During this challenge you'll learn the basics about structures and how they're able to stand tall.  You'll also learn about bridges and what goes into designing a successful bridge. 

How do I get started?

    Throughout this project you'll be making important engineering decisions to build successful towers and bridges.  You'll start with materials like straws and then move to different types of wood.  You'll need to follow along with the directions below in order to ensure you're learning the basics of structure building before you start working on  advanced structures.  


    1)  Watch the videos below and decide if you're going to create a bridge or a tower.

    2) Watch the Intro to Structures Video.

    3) If you're creating a tower you'll need to follow along with the Intro to Structures video     to create a straw tower.  Show Miss Meredith your tower when you're finished!

    4) If you're creating a bridge you'll need to create and follow along with the popsicle stick     bridge video.  Show Miss Meredith your bridge when you're finished. 

    5) Write a SMART Goal about the design and wood you're going to use for your structure.

    6)  Get Graph paper and draw the sides of your structure.  (Ask Miss Myles to see the             different types of wood)

    7) Watch the videos on how to build a structure to get a feel for what you'll be doing.

    8)  Ask Miss Meredith to set you up with the materials to build your structure.  Once               you're ready to start building make sure to WATCH the videos as you build to ensure             you're doing it correctly.  

    9) Create a presentation to show all your hard work! 

    10) Test out your structure to see how much weight it can hold. 

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