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iBook Author

​Creating a book has never been easier. iBook Author is an application on the Mac that helps you create and publish amazing books. "With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions, and more, these bring content to life in ways the printed page never could." (Apple, 2014). These books are then published to be used on the iPads.

How do I get started?

    iBook Author is an easy drag and drop program that lets you build interactive eBooks. There is a lot you can do with iBook Author. You might want to work backwards and start by looking at the examples. Next, watch or read some tutorials to learn about the program. I suggest starting with any of these tutorials whether it is a video or a pdf. Do what the tutorials show you as you watch them. If you learn better by trial and error, then I suggest starting by downloading and reading the pdfs. Once you have an idea of what iBook Author can do, you'll be able to write a SMART goal. Remember that you will need to make sure you understand copyright. It is also a great idea to write all text that will be in your book in a Pages document and copy paste into iBook this will help organize your book.  


     1) Take a look at project ideas (Your book must relate to          school in someway)

     2) Define what your book is going to be about

     3) Write your SMART Goal

     4) Create a folder for all the materials (images, videos,              links, text)  you're going to use in your book

     5) Create a pages document to plan out your book and              start writing/collecting text that will be included in your          book, make sure to keep this organized! (Must be                        approved by Miss Meredith)

     6) Watch tutorial videos to see how to use iBook Author

     7) Make a page to site your sources

Project Ideas-

  • Write a book about a topic you're learning in class

  • Write a book about a Challenge you did in tech class and how you went through the process

  • Write a book about your dream career or college you'd like to attend

  • Write a book explaining a math problem to another student

  • Write a book about geography and what it's like to live in the midwest

  • Write a book about yourself

  • Write a book on cyber safety and how kids should use the internet

  • Write a book about your favorite ways teachers use technology in the classroom

Example iBooks-

iBook Tutorials & Tips

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