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Sketch Up

Sketchup is one of the most popular 3-D modeling tools in the world. Imagine you're an architect that needs to build a model of a house, apartment or business, and you have to. It is free software that can be used to create, share and present 3-D models. Sketchup can be used to create simple 3-D shapes to complex structures and dream houses.

How do I get started?

   SketchUp is a powerful architectural program that lets you design and create a multitude of things. There is a lot you can do with SketchUp. Before you create your SketchUp you must first create a scale drawing of your design. Watch the scale drawing video to see how to create your scale. You may also watch some tutorials to learn about the program.  I suggest starting with any of these tutorials: Overview, New to SketchUp, or New Users.  Do what the tutorials show you as you watch them. Once you have an idea of what SketchUp can do, you'll be able to write your SMART goal. If you create a successful design in SketchUp you may make your model with wood or cardboard in the MakerSpace. 


    1) Watch tutorials of what SketchUp can do

    2) Brainstorm what you want to create in Sketchup  

    3) Create your SMART Goal

    4) Make your scale drawing on paper and get it approved         by Miss Meredith

    5) Pick which tutorials you're going to follow along with to       create your project (Make sure to follow along and do what     the tutorials are doing at the same time!)

    6) Once you feel comfortable with the application you may     start creating your 3D model on the laptop

    7) Create presentation to wrap up your experiences

SketchUp Tutorials & Tips

SketchUp Example

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